About us

About Us

Durrat Al Khaleej Company has been distinguished since its establishment in 2007 with its trademark that has become familiar to consumers and has become a title for good and vital water.
Our vision:To be proactive in the region in the field of innovative and sustainable water production and packaging.

Our Mission: To grow our company by exceeding the expectations of our customers by offering fruitful products and services in a safe, effective, creative and happy working environment while doing our responsible role towards our society and the surrounding environment.

How does Durrat Al Khaleej manage its business?

It is possible to observe the optical component of how we conduct our business. Our company is efficient, reliable, hardworking and flexible in dealing with citizen.
at the same time Dora Bay is also a very human company, above all, we care about our people.
we are committed to providing healthy water not only for our shareholders, but also to all geographic patches that we market our products.

Calibers are the mainstay

It's hard to describe the culture of Dora Bay or Gulf where Dora's spirit comes partly being open to ideas and a willingness to learn from each other. As it comes to give individuals the opportunity to add value bye way possible.

Although Dora Bay expects a lot from its staff and at the same time they benefit a lot. There is a sense of Justice and coherence is reflected in the spirit of hard work and sincere and flexible to reach goals.

Skip the barrier of time and space

We sell our products in all Iraqi provinces in hundreds of different selling points. These include large stores for retail and wholesale supermarkets and small stores also operated by simple people and market stalls and refrigerated vending machines.
people can buy products Dora Bay in schools, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, transport stations angles and centers Fitness.
and available in all sizes to meet the needs of consumers anytime he wants the consumer get Dora product Gulf.

Since the founding of the company was characterized by Gulf Dora in 2007 with its brand which has become familiar to consumers and became a title for good and vital water.

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    • Phone : 07710856714
    • phone : 07812521677
    • Email : ceo@durratal-khaleej.com
    • Email : info@durratal-khaleej.com
    • Basra - Bhadriyah - Hamdan Industrial Road

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