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What makes it Dora Bay from the biggest companies to produce water is millions of consumers throughout Iraq and southern provinces restrict who put their trust in their product and enjoy the wonderful taste, day after day, the reputation of the Gulf increased capacity over the years in terms of quality and safety to the ability Meet the changing needs of consumers and gain consumer confidence in the region. 
Dora Water Bay is one of the leading brands of bottled water in Iraq as distinct products for Iraqi water production companies with a variety of sizes ranging from 5.8, 5.33, 5.0 liter to 9.0 litres. 
featuring their products in different categories, family sizes and hand sizes. Dora always Gulf seeking innovation and takes pride in being the first to meet customer needs and preferences

The consumer first

The entire company relies on the consumer who chooses the Dora Gulf product and prefers it to the products of our competitors. That's why we are fully committed to customers and always focused on meeting their needs to achieve success and growth, we need to build as much consumer confidence as possible between both the company and its product.The only way to meet the consumer's need is to get as close to him as possible and look to his goals, and this in itself is a big challenge.The growth of children, adults from adolescents to the elderly, awareness and appreciation of all their needs and motivations is our goal and this is achieved by achieving a better understanding of the consumer than our competitors.The consumer is at the heart of everything we do and is therefore a wise principle that we follow in all sections of Dora Gulf where our employees work hard in every step of production from the raw material to the launch of the final product where our department officials spend a lot of time monitoring consumers through multiple questionnaires. This type of practical research is often more useful than large quantitative studies.

Since the founding of the company was characterized by Gulf Dora in 2007 with its brand which has become familiar to consumers and became a title for good and vital water.

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