Labor Day

Love and work human mainstay

The first of May of each year, is today the world celebrates the working class generally throughout the world and salute him in its own way, celebrates the triumphs and achievements, with the launch of its institutions and factories, highlighting its creations and innovations, proud of their contributions and the prosperity of their communities, and proud of its To ensure a bright future for her children, and in return receive a popular and official honoring special appreciation to her and to her role in life and reconstruction.

And animations for this occasion initiated Durrat al Khaleej establishment feast Luncheon honoring employees and deliver flowers to them by Managing Director 

Ibrahim Abd Allah ghdeib.

Wishing them more tender prosperity and progress


Since the founding of the company was characterized by Gulf Dora in 2007 with its brand which has become familiar to consumers and became a title for good and vital water.

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