Union of Popular Poets

It is said that hair's mission to lift unveiled beauty out something hidden and reframes our vision of aesthetics.

Of Baghdad:

Ambassadors of the word Knights rhyme, provided with nectar character from the lips of the ' South ' to Visual rasafi flower that grew on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab ' alsiab '.

They were and are still poets in and outside the poem, because hair attitude of life, a sense of flow behaviour.

By visiting the gentlemen in Union of folk poets HQ in Baghdad.

For support and assistance in providing bottled water product Durrat Gulf to their brothers in Basra.

* Dr (Jabar Farhan): President of the Union of folk poets Arabs and Chairman of General Union of folk writers in Iraq.

* Professor (except me, Royal) Vice President of the folk writers Union in Iraq.

* Professor (Adnan budeiri) member of the General Union of authors and folk in the Center


* Creative poet (KAIs Al-Maliki) head of the Basra branch of the folk writers Union.

* Creative and media poet (Ehab stapes).


Since the founding of the company was characterized by Gulf Dora in 2007 with its brand which has become familiar to consumers and became a title for good and vital water.

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