Durrat Al-Khaleej Company is distinguished by having a specialized laboratory for physical, chemical and biological examinations, where the laboratory was established and equipped with devices with certified international origins and these devices are subject to periodic calibration by specialists in this field.The tests are carried out by a specialized scientific team and periodically before selling it to the consumer, in addition to that, there are tests that the laboratory performs for local and foreign companies according to the forms required to be examined.Durrat Al-Khaleej Laboratory is one of the laboratories that have been approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Environment with an approved registration number (License No.:15572/31.05.016.)Depending on the specialists in the field of laboratory work, an electronic system for recording data was entered, where daily data is entered and periodic reports are organized and discussed in monthly meetings by the competent staff for the purpose of accrediting them in the necessary development plans to improve product quality.

Since the founding of the company was characterized by Gulf Dora in 2007 with its brand which has become familiar to consumers and became a title for good and vital water.

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